Making Technology work for you and NOT against you.

Computer System and Network Design to empower your business to achieve your goals. Selecting the right applications and business processes to serve you. Best fit solutions for your business.

We will work on your schedule to allow the Flexibility you need on your time frame.

Each business and each individual has a different time table and requirements. Uncontrollable constraints limit and shape ones schedule and requirements. We will work to accommodate your time frame.




More of what we do!

  • Computer Repair: Troubleshoot PC to determine cause of problem. Provide recommendations. Once approved, make repairs. In cases where troubleshooting and analyzing problem includes trying different settings and configurations, time will be charged during the troubleshooting phrase.
  • Virus Removal: Safely remove Viruses and Malware from your computer in shop or on site.
    Recommend Kaspersky Internet Security and Malwarebytes Premium for your anti-virus and Internet security needs.
  • Tune Ups: Remove Adware and Unwanted programs and browser add-ons.
    If needed defragment disk drives and remove temporary and unused left over files.
    Make sure all software is up to date.
    Correct minor problems with Windows and other applications.
    Run system file integrity check and fix if problems are found.
    Vacuum and clean all vents and fans.
  • Design: Study and understand your business needs before considering what systems are needed as far as hardware, operating systems, and applications. Once the business needs are defined and understood, search for the best applications, hardware, and operating systems to meet those needs. Develop an installation and implementation plan.
  • Upgrades: Work with you to determine your needs and best solutions.
    Perform upgrades as per your specified requirements.
  • Networking: Setup, configure, and install your home or business network.
    Troubleshoot network to determine the issues causing problems.
    Repair mis-configured devices or replace.
    Design network to meet your business or home needs.
  • Installation: Install software or hardware as needed. Integrate new systems in with existing systems.